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With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Maya Diamond has quickly established herself as a prominent figure in the real estate industry. Since September 2021, Maya has been transforming the lives of her clients through her expertise, personalized approach, and exceptional service.
Maya's career has been marked by a focus on first-time home buyers and numerous successful townhome deals. Her dedication to guiding and supporting first-time buyers is evident in the meticulous care she takes in helping them navigate the complex process of purchasing their dream homes. Maya's expertise extends beyond traditional home sales, as she has also achieved outstanding results in off-market transactions. Notably, she has successfully completed two off-market deals in North Hyde Park and Riverside Heights, showcasing her ability to uncover hidden gems for her clients. Additionally, she has facilitated the sale of a new construction townhome in Westshore and is currently working on an exciting project - a custom new build home in Ballast Point.
Born and raised in Woodbridge, CT, Maya comes from a close-knit family with an older brother and a younger sister. Her family resides in New York and Connecticut, and Maya cherishes the bonds they share. When not immersed in the world of real estate, Maya enjoys an active lifestyle filled with invigorating pursuits. She finds joy in riding her bike and going for long walks along the scenic Bayshore, engaging in Pilates and other invigorating workouts to stay fit and focused. Maya also loves spending quality time with her beloved dog, Josie and delights in taking her to the dog beach for some much-deserved fun and relaxation. Furthermore, Maya has a deep passion for travel and eagerly explores new destinations whenever the opportunity arises.
Maya's love for Tampa Bay is palpable as she embraces the city's vibrant offerings. Bayshore Boulevard holds a special place in her heart, providing the perfect backdrop for her long walks and moments of reflection. She appreciates the energy and excitement of Body Rock, a testament to her active lifestyle. Exploring Tampa's culinary scene is another favorite pastime, and Maya relishes the chance to try new restaurants and browse through local farmers' markets. Among her preferred dining destinations are On Swann, Sweet Green, and Boulon, where she indulges in delectable culinary experiences.
Maya's educational journey led her to the University of Tampa, where she earned a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science. While her academic pursuits initially took her down a different path, Maya discovered her true passion for real estate, driven by her desire to provide exceptional service and personalized experiences to her clients.
In every real estate transaction, Maya diligently crafts a tailored plan that centers around her clients' unique needs and aspirations. Whether assisting first-time buyers or seasoned sellers with extensive property portfolios, Maya's unwavering dedication and superior negotiation skills consistently exceed expectations. With uncompromising integrity and a commitment to transparent communication, she ensures that her client's best interests are always at the forefront.
Maya Diamond's business is built on trust, transparency, and exceptional customer care. Her clients benefit from her open lines of communication, expert market knowledge, and relentless pursuit of their best interests. With Maya by their side, clients can rest assured that their real estate journey will be seamless and rewarding, leaving them with cherished memories and unparalleled satisfaction.


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