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With almost four years in the real estate industry, Taylor began her journey as a Hard Money Lender, laying the groundwork for a successful transition into a dynamic real estate agent. The inspiration to delve into real estate comes from witnessing life's various chapters—relocations, family changes, and new careers—and understanding the significance of finding the perfect place to call home during these transitions. Having personally experienced many of these shifts and helping friends and family navigate them, Taylor is deeply fulfilled by guiding others through these significant life changes.
Throughout her career, Taylor has accomplished notable milestones, such as funding $100M in investment property loans, a testament to her commitment to kickstarting the wealth-building journeys of first-time investors. Specializing in residential, luxury, and off-market properties, Taylor's focus extends to key neighborhoods like Tampa Heights, Bayshore, and South Tampa. Beyond the transactional aspects, she values understanding her clients on a personal level, believing that buying a home is not one size fits all. Her goal is to learn as much as possible about each client, their values, and their aspirations to ensure a tailored and rewarding real estate experience.
Taylor's unique selling points lie in her thorough understanding of the market from a lending perspective and her recent move to Tampa, making her well-acquainted with the emotions and excitement of moving to a new city. Her expertise in investment loans, along with a vast network of developers and vendors, positions her as a valuable asset in clients' real estate journeys.
Balancing her professional life, Taylor enjoys spending quality time with family, exploring the vibrant Tampa community, and pursuing hobbies like horseback riding, cooking, and baking. As a member of the Italian American Club and Tampa Women for Good, she actively contributes to community-building initiatives and participates in charitable events. Taylor's commitment to revitalizing neighborhoods and bringing more individuals to Tampa Bay reflects her vision for the future, which involves continued partnerships with developers and adaptability to evolving real estate trends.

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