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Mike DePiano brings a wealth of experience and a dynamic approach to his role as the Director of Operations at KVA GROUP. With over a year of dedicated service and prior collaboration with Kamilla, Mike plays a pivotal role in orchestrating the various aspects of the real estate team's operations. From hands-on property repairs to overseeing strategic initiatives, Mike ensures the smooth functioning of KVA GROUP. Embracing the philosophy that teamwork is key to success, Mike's versatility and diverse skill set make him an invaluable asset to the team's achievements.

Mike's journey into real estate marked a transformative phase in his career, driven by a desire for a more fulfilling and purpose-driven path. Stepping into his 30s, he discovered a genuine passion within the industry, crafting a distinctive niche that aligns with his innate skills and experiences. Beyond his professional commitments, Mike actively engages in community initiatives, sponsoring needy families and contributing to women's shelters. Looking ahead, Mike envisions intensifying his focus on rehabs and flips within the company, paving the way for further development and growth at KVA GROUP. His unwavering dedication to the team's success and expansive vision solidify his role as a cornerstone in KVA's ongoing success story in the dynamic real estate landscape.

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