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Kamilla Altunyan, a seasoned real estate professional, leads a dynamic team in Tampa Bay, bringing eight years of invaluable industry experience to the forefront. Her journey began a decade ago when she relocated to Florida and discovered a passion for real estate inspired by a close friend. Over the years, Kamilla has established herself as a trusted advisor and leader, earning a reputation for delivering exceptional results and unparalleled service.

Motivated by a desire to expand her impact, Kamilla founded her own real estate team, emphasizing collaboration and support. Specializing in waterfront properties, the team has achieved notable success with high-value sales in both Tampa and Miami. What sets Kamilla's team apart is their unique commitment to teamwork, fostering a close-knit family environment where each member actively contributes to collective success. Kamilla's dedication to attracting top talent is evident in a rigorous selection process, ensuring that her team aligns with shared values and work ethic.

Beyond her thriving career, Kamilla cherishes a rich personal life in Tampa. Born in Baku, Azerbaijan, and raised in Philadelphia, she has found a home in Tampa over the past decade. Engaged to a supportive partner, Kamilla values quality time with family and loved ones. Her commitment to excellence in both professional and personal realms underscores her position as a standout figure in Tampa Bay's real estate landscape.

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