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Abigail Weber serves as a highly skilled and dedicated executive assistant, playing a pivotal role in supporting the owner of the thriving real estate team, KVA GROUP. Her extensive expertise and diverse responsibilities significantly contribute to the team's efficiency and success. Abigail manages a spectrum of tasks crucial to the team's smooth functioning, from coordinating meetings and handling communication to overseeing office administration and contributing to social media marketing efforts.

Originally from Milford, Connecticut, Abigail holds a Bachelor's degree in Marketing from the University of Tampa. Drawn to Tampa's vibrant lifestyle and booming real estate market, she made it her permanent home, supported by her close-knit family, who plans to join her in the city in the coming years. Beyond her professional commitments, Abigail finds joy in the company of her beloved dog, Boomer, exploring Tampa's parks and beaches.

In addition to her administrative duties, Abigail is a key player in KVA GROUP's social media presence, leveraging her marketing background to enhance the team's online visibility. Her commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and ability to handle diverse challenges make her an essential part of one of the region's highest-producing real estate teams, contributing significantly to their ongoing success. Abigail Weber's dedication and professionalism continue to elevate KVA GROUP's operations, ensuring the team delivers exceptional service to their clients.

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